SBI Net Banking: How to Login & Register guide step-by-step 2020

SBI Net Banking: How to Login & Registration easy guide: According to the changing times, the way of doing every task is also changing. Earlier people used to spend 3 to 4 days to do any of their work, now in the digital age, with the help of the internet, work is done in minutes.

Today we are going to talk about SBI Net Banking. What are the tasks that customers can easily do with SBI Net Banking first – see

  • Opening an online account. 
  • You can easily transfer rupees.
  • Pay any tax.
  • Pay any online bill.

How to register SBI Net Banking

SBI customers can easily register to follow SBI Net Banking by following some of the steps given below.  Customers should note that they have met the conditions given below. For example,

  • It is necessary to add the mobile number after your SBI account. (Which has been completed)
  •  It is mandatory for the customer to have a current ATM card of the said account. (Which has been completed)

Go to Bank Branch and Apply Offline.

SBI customers can go to their nearest branch and register SBI Net Banking through the application form.  In the application form, the customer has to request the branch manager that he needs SBI net banking to operate the account.  In the above form, the customer has to fill some important information.

  • Name (in capital letters not exceeding 25 words)
  • Mobile number (10 digit your medical mobile number)
  • Email (your valid email ID)
  • Date of birth (Date of birth of the customer as indicated on a valid certificate)
  • Account number ( Details of customer’s account details)

 Below the application form, the customer should sign his name (which was done in the form while opening the account) and submit it to the branch manager.

Go to SBIOnline and Register Online.

To register SBI Net Banking online, follow the below information step by step.

  •  Customers should first visit SBI net banking website online SBI.
  • After this, the customer has to click on ‘New User Registration / Activation’. A small pop up will appear on the screen to ensure that the customer has not received the SBI net banking kit. Now, let the customer click on ‘Ok’.
  • After clicking OK, a new screen will open. Since this is the first time registration, the customer select ‘New User Registration’ from the down-down menu and click ‘Next’.
  • After the above steps are completed, a new page will appear. In which the customer has to fill the relevant details like his account number, CIF number, branch code, country, registered mobile number, the facility required, and captcha code.
  • Details such as branch code, CIF number, and account number can be found on the first page of the passbook of the customer’s SBI bank account. If the customer farm is not getting its branch code, then find out the code of your partner using the ‘Get Branch Code’ option. Enter the person in the state and location to find the branch code. Under this feature required ‘option, the three options a customer should choose are Views, Limited Transactions, and Full Transaction Rights.
  • Once all the above details are entered, customers click ‘Submit’.
  • On completion of the above step, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number which is linked to the bank account. After entering OTP, the customer clicks on ‘Confirm’.
  • After this, the customer selects the option ‘I have my ATM card (online branch registration without branch)’ and click ‘Submit’. After clicking, customers enter ATM card details and captcha code. After all the details are entered, the customer clicks on ‘Submit’.
  • After the above steps are completed, a temporary username will appear on the screen. Customers also create a new password. Enter the new password details twice. It is important that the customer notes the temporary username. After all the details are filled, customers click ‘Submit’.
  • The password that the client creates must be 8 characters long and must contain a special character, a number, and at least one upper and lower case letter. So that the password remains strong and can prevent any kind of breach in your account.
  • Subsequently, customers log in to their SBI net banking services after one hour. Next, customers create a username as per their choice. Once the username is created, the customer has to accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Submit’.
  • Next, the customer creates a profile password and a login password. However, both passwords cannot be the same. Once the profile password is created, the customer selects a secret question from the options provided. Secret questions will help the customer to create a new password in case of forgetting the password.
  • Next, customers enter their place of birth, country of birth and mobile number registered with SBI.
  • After entering the above details, click ‘Submit’. After the details are saved, the customer will be able to use OnlineSBI.

Watch Video for SBI Net Banking Registration 

How to login SBI net Banking

Customers can easily log in to SBI Net Banking Call by following the procedure and image given below- Step 1: Most First, OnlineSBI customer Official website Visit the   Step 2: Next Page At, customers’login Ongoing Keep’ on  Click. SBI NET BANKING Step 3: Next Page, However, client my the user Name And Password description  Enter and All Bank description To see Of For the customer option of login’ the Click. SBI NET BANKING

How to Transfer Money from SBI Net Banking?

Customer ‘s  OnlineSBI For The medium From Wealth Transferred To do Of For them first customer The to link Would have been that he transferred money. beneficiary  The process of adding the has to be done only once, once the beneficiary is added then the money can be easily sent to his / her account anytime after that. To add the beneficiary to the customer, it is necessary to know the IFSC code and valid bank account and branch name and account name of his bank.  SB I Account holder our Bank From Apart Bank And with Only Others SB I Accounts In Fund Transfer Tax Can Huh. Money Transfer To do Of Step-rate-Step process bottom as outlined Is:

  1. Most First, customer your Online SBI Portal On  Login.
  2. Later, Customers’Other Bank ‘ Transfer  Click the “Pay / Transfer” tab Of Under Found Go can is. One And SBI Accounts Of The cases In, relevant the option To chosen Can be.SBI NET BANKING
  3. The next Page, However, customers that transaction Of type Of  Select the that to make Wanted is.
  4. One time When customer-relevant the option Chun Takes, Then ‘Proceed’ on Click Do it.
  5. The next Page, However, customers that Accounts Of Select from which the beneficiary wants to send money there.
  6. Next, transfer Of Amount And an objective Enter do Will happen.SBI NET BANKING
  7. It’s Subsequently, the customer selects the beneficiary to whose account the money is to be transferred.
  8. It’s Later, customers Chun can is That The transfer To Provide Done went The choices In From place Lenny needed.
  9. One time Above mentioned All description Filled Know Of Later, the customer rules And The Conditions Of Box To Calibrate and ‘Submit’ on Click.
  10. The next Page, However, customer the All The details To Verified do Will happen And  ‘confirmation’ Click do Will happen.
  11. The next Page, However, the customer the High-security Password Enter do Will happen that Registered mobile Number On Sent Gone is. One time Password Insert Of Later, the person the ‘Confirm’ On Click do Will happen.
  12. Above mentioned The stage Of whole Having On, screen On One Confirmation message Will come

Type of SBI Net Banking 

SBI Net Banking is two types of Net Banking Services – 

  1. Retail SBI Net Banking
  2. Corporate SBI net Banking

Retail SBI Net Banking

Only those customers who have a savings account and do not do any type of business transaction can take advantage of SBI Net Banking. In retail SBI net banking, the account holder can avail the following facility –

  • Transfer fund to any Account.  
  • Invest option in fixed, Flexi, recurring deposits, etc.
  • Book Air Ticket, Railway or, Bus ticket.
  • Book a hotel Through SBInetbanking. 
  • Online shopping from e-commerce. 
  • Recharge any Service provider.
  • Western Union Service.
  • Filing e-tax.
  • DEMAT and IPO services.
  • Setup standing instructions.
  • Other value-added services.

Corporate SBI net Banking

Corporate SBI Net Banking customers who have a business account and the above accounts do business transactions. Let us know what tasks can be done by corporate SBI net banking-

  • Transfer bank fund from your Corporate Banking through account sitting anywhere.
  • Check Transaction History.
  • You can Transfer fund using the portal 24×7.
  • Net banking also saves your time and cost.
  • Allows you to pay any type of bills and taxes.
  • Comes with a file upload facility.
  • Transfer money to own Saving SBI accounts.
  • Transfer money to other bank accounts.
  • Make online payments to any registered suppliers.
  • Collect and remit fees.
  • Easy reconciliation.
  • Apply to IPOs online.

How to Check Balance in SBI Net Banking

SBI customers can check only after they have completed the registration process for OnlineSBI. Once people complete the registration process, they can visit the SBI official website of OnlineSBI and click on ‘Login’ to view their bank details. can do. Apart from viewing their bank details, individuals will be able to check if they are eligible for any loan, transferring funds, etc.


How to Forgot Password SBI Net Banking?

If you have forgotten your SBI Net Banking password, then you can easily reset your password in few steps given below. Let’s know how you will reset your password – SBI NET BANKING

  • First, you go to
  • After this, you have to click on ‘Login’ under ‘Personal Banking’.
  • On the next page, you have to click ‘Continue Login’.
  • After this, you have to click on the ‘Forgot Password Password’.
  • A new page will appear, where you will have to select ‘Forgot My Login Password’ from the drop-down menu. After selecting the options one has to click on ‘Next’.
  • On the next page, you will have to provide the related details such as username, account number, country, mobile number, date of birth and captcha details.
  • After all, details are entered, click ‘Submit’.
  • After this, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • You will have to enter the OTP and click ‘Submit’.
  • On the next page, you can reset the password.

What is VeriSign in SBI Net Banking?

SBI net banking service provides you a lot of facilities to work online, but uses Wow Very Shine to protect your transaction and your bank’s details, to ensure that your transaction is very secure.  The SBI online platform provides the largest level of security available for Internet transactions using SSL encrypted medium (minimum 128-bit to maximum 256-bit SSL tunnel). An EV SSL certificate is a proof-of-fact SBI server to shield you from all malicious attacks and unauthorized websites and also encrypt each and every session. Some of its features are as follows: The card will be up the card and only then 

  • Saved by pickingVerisign, one of the world’s leading Internet Certification Authority provides certification for SBI
  • Padlock in the address bar or status bar to verify the security certificate. Look for the symbol. A padlock symbol will not be detected outside the page display area.
  • Clicking on the padlock will show a VeriSign certificate verifying the authenticity of SBI’s website
  • Customers also have a role in securing their online transactions. Here are three important things you can do to protect your transactions:
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Keep in mind that bank officials will never contact you for information related to your account.
  • Set a strong password and change it at regular intervals.
  • Each SBI customer is issued a unique user ID and password which is generated in this way. That the details are known only to him. This is safe from unauthorized entry or view in several ways:
  • If the wrong password is entered three times in a row your account gets locked
  • If you leave your session for an extended period of time then your account gets logged out.

How can I use SBI net banking on mobile?

You can easily use SBI Net Banking in mobile, for this you need to install the Google Chrome app on mobile. After opening Google Chrome, click on the right side three points and click on the desktop site below. After coming to the Google Chrome app desktop site, now you can easily use SBI Net Banking in Android phones.


So how was my article, I hope that my article will help you a lot about SBI net banking and SBIONLINE. If any facts are found wrong, please share us in our comment box for correction. 

Thank you for reading my entire post, you remain on our website, I will always share the details of how to use Net Banking of all banks here on. Thank you 

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