HDFC NetBanking : How to Login & Registration easy guide

HDFC NetBanking: HDFC Bank is one of the largest banks in India known for offering its best services to the account holder. HDFC Bank offers its HDFC Net Banking and Mobile Banking online transactions.

Today we will talk about HDFC Net Banking in this article that how to register and login Net Banking and which of its services can be availed by account holders. HDFC NETBANKING

How to Register HDFC NetBanking

To avail HDFC Net Banking, the account holder is required to register for HDFC Net Banking. Only then can he fully take advantage of net banking.

You can register HDFC Bank by choosing any of the 4 options given below. Let’s know which are those four options –

By online OTP

HDFC Bank account holders can register net banking by visiting the online portal of HDFC Net

Banking. They can easily register by clicking on the option of “Registration from OTP” on the online portal.

You can easily register by following the 7 steps given below.

  • Go to HDFC Net Banking Portal.
  • Enter your Customer ID.
  • Confirm your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter your HDFC Debit Card information.
  • Set IPIN of HDFC Net Banking.
  • Log on to the HDFC NetBanking Portal using HDFC NetBanking IPIN.

Bank registration by filling an offline form

Account-holders can register HDFC Net Banking in their respective branch by filling the Net Banking application form.

Receiving the Welcome Kit to the account holder from HDFC Bank which contains the User ID and Temporary Password.

You can easily register HDFC Net Banking through Welcome Kit by following 8 steps given below.

  • Download the NetBanking Registration Form (Retail or Corporate) or visit the nearest bank branch for the same.
  • Fill the form and submit it to the HDFC Bank branch.
  • HDFC will courier the IPIN to the address of the bank account holder.
  • Go to HDFC NetBanking Portal.
  • Enter “USER ID”.
  • Enter IPIN and click on “Login”.
  • On the next page, the account holder will have to provide the old password (IPIN), new password for HDFC NetBanking and it has to be verified.
  • Net banking password will be updated and the account holder can login with the same.

Net banking registration through HDFC Bank ATM

Account-holders can easily register HDFC NetBanking by visiting their nearest HDFC Bank ATM. Let us know how to register through ATM-

  • Go to the nearest HDFC Bank ATM.
  • Insert HDFC Bank Debit Card and enter ATM PIN.
  • From the main menu, select “OTHER OPTIONS”.
  • Select “NET BANKING REGISTRATION” and confirm. HDFC Bank will send the HDFC NetBanking IPIN by courier to the account holder’s address.

Net banking registration through HDFC Mobile Phone Banking

Account-holders can easily register HDFC NetBanking by calling HDFC Mobile Banking Call Center from their registered mobile number.

  • The account holder will have to call the HDFC phone banking number and provide the user ID and debit card and PIN for verification.
  • Request HDFC NetBanking registration from HDFC phone-banking agent.
  • HDFC Bank will courier the IPIN to the account holder’s address within 5 days.

How to Login HDFC Netbanking

After registering HDFC NetBanking, account holders can easily use Net Banking by following the steps given below.

  • Go to the official website of HDFC Bank.
  • Click on “Login”.HDFC NETBANKING
  • On the next page, click on the “Continue to NetBanking” button to go to the HDFC NetBanking login page.HDFC NETBANKING
  • Enter User ID / Customer ID and click “Continue”.HDFC NETBANKING
  • Enter the IPIN / HDFC NetBanking password and confirm the secure access image and message to enter successfully.HDFC NETBANKING

How to Transfer Money from HDFC Net Banking

After login to HDFC NetBanking, you can easily transfer money from your account to another account in a few steps given below. let’s watch-

  • After HDFC Netbanking login, Click on the “Fund Transfer” tab.HDFC NETBANKING
  • On the next page, select transaction type by clicking on the “Go” button next to options mentioned below –HDFC NETBANKING
  • After selecting any one of the above-mentioned options, the account holder will be required to select a drawer account, beneficiary, transfer amount, transfer description. The account holder also needs to select transfer type and choose where he/she wants to receive fund transfer statusHDFC NETBANKING
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click on “Continue”HDFC NETBANKING
  • On the next page, check all the details and confirm the transaction by clicking on “Confirm”HDFC NETBANKING
  • On the next page, the account holder can get the reference number and acknowledgment of the fund transfer in order to track it at a later stage.HDFC NETBANKING

How to Reset HDFC NetBanking Password

Remembering passwords is a very difficult task for every person because banks and cyber-security always say that a password should be made with strong letters. So that any of your online data can be protected from fraud. HDFC Bank recommends changing the HDFC NetBanking password every 3 months. In such a situation, many account holders forget their passwords. You can forget the password of HDFC Bank in 3 ways. You can easily recreate your password by following one of the tips given below-

Forgot IPIN From Online Portal.

  • Login to the HDFC Bank website and enter the customer IDHDFC NETBANKINGHDFC NETBANKINGHDFC NETBANKING
  • Choose one of two ways to verify the details entered:
    • This usually includes sending an OTP (One Time Password) to the mobile number registered with the bank and the expiry date and ATM PIN for your debit card.
    • The second method for verification involves sending an OTP to the mobile number and email id registered with the bank.HDFC NETBANKING
  • Enter the OTP received in order to verify the transaction.
  • Once the authentication process is complete, you can reset their IPIN right away.HDFC NETBANKING
  • Once the IPIN has been reset, you can immediately log in to your account using the new IPIN

Forgot IPIN Through HDFC ATMs or Mobile Phone Banking

To forward the forgotten password and to create the password, you can call HDFC Bank Mobile Phone Banking and verify your account, you can ask for your new password at the registered address in the bank and from the ATM machine of HDFC Bank, You can send the HDFC Netbanking password through your debit card and debit card PIN to the registered address registered in your bank account. Can go.

Forgot IPIN Through SMS from Register Mobile Number

You can get your HDFC NetBanking password from your registered mobile number and send it to your bank account at the registered address. You have to type “IPIN” from your registered mobile number and send it to the “5676712” number. The bank will send the new password to your address in 7 working days.

Visit HDFC Branch And Request for New IPIN (Password)

If you are not able to forget your password from the above option, then you can go to your nearest HDFC Bank and get your new password sent to your register address through the application form. You can request to generate your new HDFC NetBanking password as often as you like. There is no limited number for requesting a new password. You can request a new password as many times as you want. And the bank does not charge you any fee for generating the new password.

Types of HDFC Net Banking

HDFC NetBanking is two types of Net Banking Services – 

  1. Retail Net Banking
  2. Corporate Internet Banking

Retail Net Banking

Only those customers who have a savings account and do not do any type of business transaction can take advantage of HDFC Retail Net Banking. In retail net banking, the account holder can avail the following facility –

  • Allows one to transfer funds
  • Offers a suite of investment options such as fixed, Flexi, recurring deposits, etc.
  • Book air, rail or bus ticket online
  • Book a hotel
  • Online shopping
  • Allows instant recharges
  • Western Union Service
  • Filing e-tax
  • DEMAT and IPO services
  • Setup standing instructions, and
  • Other value-added services

Download HDFC Retail NetBanking Application form  Click Here

2. Corporate Internet Banking

HDFC Corporate Net Banking customers who have a business account and the above accounts do business transactions. Let us know what tasks can be done by corporate internet banking-

  • Convenience banking which allows you to operate your account sitting anywhere
  • It engages a checker model to make transactions fully secure
  • You can transact using the portal 24×7
  • It saves your time and cost
  • Allows you to pay your bills and taxes
  • Comes with a file upload facility
  • Transfer money to HDFC accounts
  • Transfer money to other banks accounts
  • Make online payments to registered suppliers
  • Collect and remit fees
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Apply to IPOs online

Download HDFC Corporate NetBanking Application form  Click Here

The Benefit of HDFC Net Banking 

HDFC Netbanking account can take advantage of a variety of services.

  • Customers can check his/her HDFC account balance, as well as download the account statement (past 5 years).
  • Customers have the option to open a Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit account.
  • Fund transfer via IMPS, NEFT and RTGS.
  • Easy payments for several utility bills, such as water, electricity and landline bills.
  • Analyze Credit Card information, as well as bill payments.
  • With Net Banking, one can avail of the convenience to invest in Mutual Fund.
  • Access online tax associated transactions, such as tax payments. Furthermore, the Tax Credit statement can also be viewed using this online banking portal.
  • Update useful banking information such as Aadhar and PAN Card details.
  • Manage different banking transactions, such as cheque book request, issue demand draft, debit or credit card request, or even stop cheque request.
  • The account holders can check loan related information from the HDFC Netbanking portal.

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So how was my article, I hope that my article will help you a lot about HDFC Netbanking. If any facts are found wrong, please share us in our comment box for correction.

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