Axis Net Banking : How to Login & Registration easy guide

Axis Net Banking: Internet banking is the biggest emerging services of the banking sector, through which consumers do not need to go to the bank, they are able to take advantage of many banking facilities from Internet banking itself.

Today we are going to talk about Axis Bank Internet Banking, what are the benefits of Axis Internet Banking, how to use it and how to register Internet Banking.

How to Register Axis net Banking 

To register Axis Net Banking, you need to have the following things: –

  1. Debit Card With Valid Pin.
  2. Bank registered mobile number.
  3. User Id (Customer Id)

If you have all these things, then let’s see how to register Axis NetBanking.

  1. Go to Axis Net Banking Portal. axis net banking
  2. Move your Pointer on Login tab.axis internet banking 
  3. There see Register option, Click There. axis internet banking
  4. On Next Page, Enter your user id (Customer Id)axis internet banking
  5.  Next Page, Enter the account number, Debit card click on “Go”
  6. Next Page, Enter User details (Name, father etc.) Click on “Go”
  7. Next Page, Set your Secure password.( I suggest always create Alphabet, Numeric & One Special Character Mix Password).
  8. After enter all mandatory details, Click “Produce”. 

Please Note

  1. Your Customer ID becomes your login id.
  2. The Customer ID is mentioned in the welcome letter and cheque book.
  3. You can also SMS “CustID” for savings account or CustIDCC XXXX(last 4 digits of CC) for Credit card only customers to 5676782 from your registered mobile number to know your Customer ID.
  4. Keep your debit card, mobile and ATM pin handy before your proceed.
  5. Please ensure that your mobile number is registered with Axis Bank. You may visit the nearest Axis Bank ATM and click on ‘Registrations-Mobile No Update’ to register. You may also visit your nearest branch.
  6. NRI account holders, can generate passwords online with a debit card or with KYC details like Passport number,Date of birth and Pincode.

Now your Axis Net Banking is successful register. Enjoy 

How to Login Axis Internet Banking.

After successful registration of Net Banking, you can login it easily, you can login to your Access Net Banking by following the step given below. let’s watch- You can login Axis net banking with two options. 

  • Login id with password
  • Debit Card with Pin

Login Id 

  • Go to Axis Net banking Portal. axis internet banking  
  • Move your Pointer on Login tab. axis internet banking
  • There See Login option, Click There.axis internet banking
  • Next page, See Login id option. axis internet banking
  • Enter User id (Customer id) and Password
  • After enter user id & password then “Login” button. 

Now you Axis Net banking is successful login with user id. Enjoy  Debit Card 

  • Go to Axis Net banking Portal.
    axis internet banking
  • Move your Pointer on Login” tab. 
  • There see Login” option, Click There.
  • Next page, see the “Debit Card no” option.axis internet banking
  • Enter Debit Card no & valid pin.
  • After enter debit card no & pin then enter Captcha. 
  • After enter captcha then click on the “Login” Button.

Now you Axis Net banking is successful login with Debit card option. Enjoy 

How to reset Axis Internet Banking Password

Remembering passwords is a very difficult task for every person because banks and cyber-security always say that a password should be made with strong letters. So that any of your online data can be protected from fraud.  Axis Bank recommends changing the Axis Net Banking password every 3 months. In such a situation, many account holders forget their passwords. You can forget the password of Axis Bank in Simple ways. 

  • Go to Axis Net banking Portal.
    axis internet banking
  • Move your Pointer on Login tab. axis internet banking
  • There See Login option, Click There.axis internet banking
  • Next page, see the “Forgot Password” option, Click There.
  • Next Page, enter Login id, Click on ‘Proceed”axis internet banking
  • Next Page, Enter Debit card Details. Then click “Proceed”
  • Next Page, Set your Secure password. (I suggest always create Alphabet, Numeric & One Special Character Mix Password).
  • After enter all mandatory details, Click “Produce”. 

Now your Axis net Banking password is successfully reset, Enjoy. 

How to Transfer Money from Axis Internet Banking.

You can easily transfer money from your account to another account, for that you must first transfer the money to the whose account as a beneficiary only after adding it to your Net Banking. You can transfer money to another person’s account.

Let us know how to transfer money from your account to someone else’s account,  you can transfer money follow the step given below

  1. Go to Axis Net banking Portal.
  2. Login with user id & Password or Debit Card with pin. 
  3. Click on “Transfer funds” option,
  4. Go to ‘Other Bank Account’ tab and choose ‘Make Payment’ under the transfer funds option. 
  5. Choose the registered beneficiary from the available list. whom you want to transfer money
  6. Click on  the ‘Pay Instant (IMPS)’ option
  7. Now choose your account from which to transfer money.
  8. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer by choosing the account
  9. Verify all given details by you and click ‘Transfer’
  10. Make the transaction successful by entering your transaction password.
  11. Accept ‘terms and conditions’ and tap ‘Validate’.
  12. A confirmation message will be sent after the transaction has been successfully processed.

How to Check Balance Through Axis Internet Banking portal

You can know the balance of your account through your net banking. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to Axis Net banking Portal.
  2. Login with user id & Password. 
  3. When you successful Login your Click on Balance.
  4. Now you can easily see the balance in your account.

The benefit of Axis Internet Banking

The benefits of Axis Bank’s internet banking facility are mentioned below:

  1. Account balance can be checked.
  2. Transactions can be tracked, and the history of transactions can be viewed.
  3. The bank statement can be viewed and downloaded.
  4. Any queries in relation to the account can be made.
  5. Loan statement details can be viewed.
  6. You can check the status of a cheque.
  7. Various Demat account details can be viewed.
  8. Cheque book requests can be made.
  9. Customers can open a Fixed Deposit and a Recurring Deposit.
  10. You can apply for an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  11. Payments can be stopped.
  12. DTH and mobile recharge can be done.
  13. Various online payment services are available.
  14. Funds can be transferred easily.
  15. And Other Services you can search on the Axis Bank portal. 

Type of Axis Internet Banking

Axis NetBanking is two types of Net Banking Services – 

  1. Retail Net Banking
  2. Corporate Internet Banking

Retail Axis Internet Banking

Only those customers who have a savings account and do not do any type of business transaction can take advantage of Axis Retail Net Banking. In retail net banking, the account holder can avail the following facility –

  1. Allows one to transfer funds
  2. Axis BANK Offers a suite of investment options such as fixed, Flexi, recurring deposits, etc.
  3. Book air, rail or bus ticket online
  4. Book a hotel
  5. Online shopping
  6. Allows instant recharges
  7. Western Union Service
  8. Filing e-tax
  9. DEMAT and IPO services
  10. Set up standing instructions.
  11. Other value-added services

Corporate Axis Internet Banking

Axis Corporate Net Banking customers who have a business account and the above accounts do business transactions. Let us know what tasks can be done by corporate internet banking-

  1. Convenience banking which allows you to operate your account from anywhere
  2. You can transact using the portal 24×7
  3. It saves your time and cost
  4. Allows you to pay your bills and taxes
  5. Comes with a file upload facility
  6. Transfer money to Axis accounts
  7. Transfer money to other banks accounts
  8. Make online payments to registered suppliers
  9. Collect and remit fees
  10. Easy reconciliation
  11. Apply to IPOs online

Security & Privacy Term of Axis Internet Banking.

  1. With new opportunities, new threats are also identified from time to time. Hence, Axis Bank is also sensitive about the privacy and internet security of its customers and provides an SSL Encrypted website to register and transact for its banking products or services. Some of the below criteria one must keep in mind while trying to register for Axis netbanking login and be extra careful. They are:
  2. One must always validate the authenticity of e-mails requesting the account holders to update passwords, ATM Pins, and Login ID, etc. It can all be e-mail phishing trying to steal user data disguised in almost identical corporate branding etc.
  3. One must always beware of such deceptive e-mails requesting for verifying the account holder’s identity or immediate login to instantly activate the services by clicking on the attached link. Ideally, such e-mails must be deleted from the mailbox as generally banks never ask such sensitive information
  4. With the Real URL of Axis NETBanking, you can see that “https” is included just before the URL of the website.
  5. The security encryption sign for users is usually a padlock symbol in the website address bar and you should always locate such a padlock for your secure banking when searching for the Axis Bank’s authentic URL.
  6. Generally, all web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE 7 and above, etc. The safe Website’s address bar will also turn green.
  7. One must also avoid logging to the Axis Bank from sources that are not trust-worthy and access Axis netbanking login page from “Favorite Folder” in bookmarks saved from trustworthy sources.
  8. One must also avoid using net banking services from computer cafes or other public assets that are not virtually protected and secured.
  9. One must also try using a virtual keyboard on the login page while entering passwords.
  10. One must always link his/her personal mobile number to activate alerts related to their individual accounts.


So how was my article, I hope that my article will help you a lot about Axis Net banking. If any facts are found wrong, please share us in our comment box for correction. Read Also 

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